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Samlex Solar Charging Kit - 150W - 30A

Art.-Nr. A795-68856
CHF 2 554

Solar Charging Kit - 150W - 30A

Use a Samlex Solar Charging Kit to keep the batteries in your RV or utility vehicle charged and healthy. Add a DC-AC Power Inverter to your system and you can run all of your favorite household devices from anywhere!

The Samlex SRV-150-30A Solar Charging Kit comes with a high efficiency 100 Watt solar panel, a 30 Amp charge controller, connecting wires and aluminum mounting brackets and hardware that can be used to secure the solar panel to the roof of your remote structure or vehicle, or any other flat surface.

Every Charging Kit includes an SCC-30AB Charge Controller featuring:

  • Micro-processor control
  • 30 Amp charging capacity
  • Battery equalization
  • Digital LCD display indicates voltage, current and battery AH
  • 8 charge settings for different battery types
  • Optional remote temperature sensor
  • 4 stage charging with LED indicators
  • Dual voltage capability 12V/24V


  • High efficiency crystalline solar cells
  • Low profile panel design
  • All weather Anodized aluminum and Tempered Glass construction
  • 25 year Power Warranty
  • Top quality cable & mounting hardware


  • Watts: 150 Watt Solar Module
  • Amps: 30 Amps
  • Dimensions: x x (in)
  • Dimensions: 147.1 x 66.6 x 3.5 (cm)
  • Warranty: 25 Year Power Warranty (Canada/US)


  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Off-grid/mobile solar systems
  • Power supply for remote equipment
  • Monitoring systems for the oil & gas industry
  • Traffic, security, environment, and other remote monitoring and signaling systems
  • Water pumping systems
  • Rural electrification
  • Small home power systems
  • 12V and 24V battery charging system
  • Other industrial and consumer applications

WarningWARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to .

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